Which type of wood is for you?

As you can see, there are two different types of wood for sale here at Moss Valley Firewood and the eternal question for us uneducated in wood is, which is the type for me? Here I’ve found all of the hints and tips you need to make sure you can purchase the right wood for you!

Kiln dried Ash logs.

The first most important question is; what are you using your firewood for?

You could be creating a nice warm fire in your wood burner in your living room to keep cosy in those winter nights or simply be planning a nice camp fire out in the peak district. Either way, selection of wood is an important factor of getting your fire burning bright for as long as you need. Here at Moss Valley Firewood we sell hardwood in larger loads and softwood in nets only. As you can see there is a big difference in the prices of the woods because they do a very different job. Heating your home. Let’s say you’re building a fire in your living room to heat your whole house for the night. You are after hardwood. Why? Well, hardwood is a really dense type of wood which burns for long periods of time and usually leaves coals helping you to sustain that nice toasty fire. There are many hardwood trees in the UK such as, oak trees, birch trees and a favourite, Ash. These trees are easy to spot as they have a really broad leaf and generally lose them in the winter.

Ash. The King of firewood.

Hardwood is often considered to be the superior firewood (fancy eh?). This is because it is so dense. This density allows it to create a hot, long lasting fire without the smoke or sparks. Perfect for use indoors and around soft furnishings. Another benefit is that it creates hot embers which will stay piping hot for a long period of time, perfect for those long winter days.

Although hardwood sounds like the perfect type of wood, like everything it has its drawbacks. Due to its density, drying out the wood is a long winded process. It can take anywhere between 1-3 years to be completely seasoned. Another downside is lighting the wood; it can often take many failed attempts. A quick and easy way however is to stick some softwood kindling in your fire and it is burning in no time.

Nothing beats talking the night away, around an open fire.

Creating a campfire

If you’re creating a campfire or filling your fire pit for an evening of fun filled entertaining (such as I do) then softwood is what you’re after. Softwood is lightweight and often tacky which means it lights easily and burns hot and fast. It has large flames that crackle and spark which is perfect for singing those campfire songs and toasting marshmallows. Softwoods come from evergreen trees, such as Christmas trees, which we all know by their needles and pine aroma. These trees grow quickly which leaves us the lighter, less dense wood.

It is crucial to burn softwoods outside due to the amount of smoke they create. Once burnt they leave behind fine ashes and little embers which makes it easy to dispose of, leaving little mess. This does mean that if you did try to use it to heat your home it wouldn’t leave the hot coals to keep your fire burning and would use a lot of wood in a short space of time. You can however, use softwoods alongside hardwoods, especially kindling, which will help get your home fire roaring and toasty in no time!

Pine needles

Soft wood, Pine. quicker growth = larger gains

So, what’s the difference?

Well as we’ve discovered, each type of wood does burn in a different way which makes them ideal for different scenarios. The price is a difference too, as hardwood is denser it does come with a bigger price tag. Pound for pound both woods actually create the same amount of heat (shocker I know!) so don’t see cheaper and automatically think bargain. Don’t take our word for it, feel free to ask for an extra softwood log or two when placing your order and experiment yourself.

Whatever you’re planning, we have something for you! Bring us to your gatherings and entertaining campfires and we’ll toast your marshmallows to perfection with our wonderful softwood. Let us help you heat your home by choosing none other than our top of the range, Kiln Dried Ash. Let’s remember also, the lovely lads behind Moss Valley are doing all the hard work for you! All that cutting splitting and stacking is quite a workout! Whatever your occasion choose Moss Valley Firewood and know that the choice and quality is always fantastic!

The BOSS "Leo" runs a tight ship, however our Kiln dried Ash has met his approval

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