Kiln Drying- What's so fancy about it?

Creating a fire isn't as simple as it appears in films. You can't just simply pop out into the forest collect a few twigs and have a grand roaring fire. If we did all try that we'd find that in sunny England we'd always have campfires as sad as this.

The reason we can't just burn any old tree sat in the forest is because the wood is too wet. As trees are alive they are filled with moisture and water. Freshly cut wood had to be left to dry. Unlike your washing, it takes a lot longer than one sunny day to dry out wood, it can actually take anywhere between one and three years. Here at Moss Valley, they specialise in providing Kiln dried wood which is quality wood made even better from the drying process.

What happens...

So the whole Kiln dried process is based around a Kiln. I know right, what the hell is a Kiln?!!

Simpler than you think. Basically is a giant oven made out of a shipping container that is all insulated. The green wood (freshly cut) is placed into metal cages which then go into the kiln. The kiln is set at a temperature and fans create a sustained air flow which brings the water out of the logs. Clever right? On average, it takes around a week for the wood to come out nice and dry, but that can change depending on the type in there. The temperatures in the kiln often reach as high as 73° C, like a very warm sauna for lucky pieces of wood!

Why go to so much effort?

One of the main reasons to go for Kiln dried is it is actually healthier for your home. And just like us, homes need to be healthy too! Kiln dried is better in many ways due to the lowered amount of moisture meaning that they burn more efficiently. The problem with green wood is sometimes, we unsuspectingly burn it whilst the wood is not properly dry. This can then lead to damaged flu's and lots of smoke which is not pleasant in your house and pollutes the environment. The last thing they want at Moss Valley is to cause damage to our lovely environment!

Another reason to choose Kiln dried is a logical reason, Kiln dried wood is consistently dried throughout. This means that you wont find any nasty surprises while your burning your wood! Every piece of wood which leaves the kiln are always bone dry and ready to burn. Unlike wood which is left outside for long periods of time, Kiln dried wood never contains mould or insects, both of which we want to keep your home free of!

What does Kiln dried wood guarantee you ask? Well, it is guaranteed to burn! With a moisture percentage of less than 15% it's obvious that nothing is going to stop this wood easily lighting and burning right up until bedtime!

Why choose Moss Valley?

Although it may seem obvious Moss Valley is definitely the perfect choice to be your firewood supplier. As the cold season hits us (and it's coming rapidly this year!) no one wants to be caught out without wood to burn. By choosing Moss Valley you are choosing high quality Kiln Dried ash logs however high the demand. At Moss Valley they can also ensure that you will pay a fair, good price for the product meaning however high demand is, your need will be catered for fairly. Moss Valley Firewood aim to provide the best products at fair prices and always provide you wonderful service with a smile. Just pop across to the website for more information or to place your order now. Just remember, no question or request is too much!

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