Nothing is more cosy than an open fire

October 26, 2016

Is their anything more inviting than a beautiful, roaring fire? On those dark, cold winter nights after a long tiring day at work, could anything be more relaxing than sitting in the warm glow of a crackling fire? Open fires can create a perfect homey atmosphere, they are inviting and comforting. They feel like home; a place where your family gather or a place to curl up with that special person and relax. Nothing quite compares to that wonderful crackle and pop of logs burning, the beauty of the flames dancing around, the dim lighting glow which brightens any winter night and that toasty warm feeling it brings. A home is just incomplete without one. 


A pile of kiln-dried logs piled next to a fire place is even all the rage now. Most instagram or pinterest posts around cosy homes all include a stunning fire places with a stack of logs just waiting for the cold winter ahead. You look at the pictures and just envision yourself there, smelling that sweet aroma of the burning logs, feeling that warmth surrounding your cold toes, watching the dog peacefully sleep. Yet even though we are all guilty of wanting that, so many of us turn down the idea of an open fire in our homes.