Firelighters- what you need to know!

Hello August The sun is shining, the flowers are starting to bloom, lambs are appearing and spring is in full swing. BBQ season is just around the corner (horah!) yet we still have chilly evenings which are perfect for cosying around a fire with that special someone. Now like most of you will I'm sure when lighting the BBQ (or actually fire pit in my case which I 100% recommend- BBQ and fires and they look cute as pie in the garden) you strike a match and light one of those small magical firelighters which burst your whole BBQ or fire into roaring flames with a bit of air blown into them. As much as these are a lifesaver when you're super hungry and the beer is flowing and you're dying for a burger but did you know that these are more often than not a petrol chemical based product which not only smells horrid are not great for the environment? I didn't either! I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say this new knowledge is definitely something to make me reconsider using firelighters.

If you're feeling rather daring, want to channel your inner Bear Grylls and really care about saving the environment, the best way to light a fire comes from our ancestors who lived hundreds of millions of years ago! For those of you not great a geography it was the stone age era who mastered the most effective fire lighting techniques, a simple flint and steel spark. Now I am not an outdoorsy type (far from it actually) but this was something I attempted recently. Did you know you can buy flint? I had mo idea! But yes, you can buy flint rods which even come as keyrings (oo fancy) and you can create a spark with them. Now I'm not going to lie to you, it is the most frustrating, long winded process ever but it's so satisfying when you manage it. Now our aim was simply to set a piece of cotton wool on fire but once we have thrown those into small twigs you can easily see how it would create a fire. As satisfying and exciting as it was to finally achieve it, I wouldn't recommend it on a regular basis, in the words of whoever the hell said it first- ain't nobody got time for that! So what else exactly, can we use?

Well, luckily for us some clever muffins have cottoned onto this and they have created a natural, wood based firelighter and they are super easy, super simple and good for the environment. So what is so great about these natural firelighters? Well, they are made from wood shavings that are spun together to look like wool. The most magical aspect of these firelighters is that the wood shavings are combined with a non-odorous wax which makes the firelighters as easy to light as a candle but also long lasting. So much so one firelighter can last a whole 10 minutes in your BBQ! As these are just wood and wax, they leave no nasty smells around, on your or while they are burning. Not only are these little beauties great in your BBQ but many restaurants are using them as they are perfect for wood fire ovens and charcoal grills and they will not effect any of the food. Now I know the question all of you now- where can I possibly purchase these wonderful sounding things? Moss Valley Firewood, where else!

Introducing the brand new Moss Valley Firewood firelighters (mouthful I know). They are created with sustainably sourced wood, wool and soaked with clean candle and bees wax. They contain no chemicals, are completely non-toxic, smell lovely, are effective enough one small lighter can light a large fire, and burns for 10 minutes. Each bag contains 50 firelighters, perfect for all those summer BBQ's and evening fires.

All products have free delivery though a minimum order applies. Feel free to contact us through facebook, twitter on in the comments with further questions or any pictures of you enjoying our products, we love to see and hear from satisfied customers. One last thing to remember, enjoy!

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