Bonfire Night

Happy November!! It's officially fire season!! Don't you just love that beautiful burning smells on those cold, crisp evenings that just make you crave toffee apples and parkin! That beautiful crackle of crispy wood setting on fire. That inviting feeling of a warm room making you so cosy you need to sleep! Since the weather has cooled, we have spent many many MANY hours curled up snugg in front of our log burner. I honestly think when autumn changes to winter it's my absolute favourite season! Here is a great snap of my gorgeous doggie, enjoying her favourite spot in the house. Yes, she has worked out how to move the cushions from the sofa to right in front of the fire.

Now, in my household we are prepping for a great bonfire party this weekend using our great moss valley logs not only for our log burner in the house but also our fire pit bbq in the garden (can not wait to eat those BBQ'ed hot dogs!). I am super excited! As I've been getting into the bonfire halloween spirit this week, I've decided to do some seasonal baking to get me into the mood. I've decided to add my recipe (with snaps) on here so you too can follow along and prep for your great bonfire party!

So here it is, my crispy bonfire pop cake! I've adapted a mars bar crispy cake and added extra popping candy to make it have a little bit more pop to get everyone into a party mood.

Here is my step by step with photos, in case you too want to create your own bonfire pop cake to enjoy at your bonfire party!

You will need:

900g of milk choc

100g of white choc

8 mini mars bars

50g of butter

5 tbsp of golden syrup

Rice Krispies

Popping candy (tracked mine down in home bargains and took the dip lollies out!)

Food colouring (I used red and orange although it doesn't look the clearest on here!)

Glittery sprinklers (totally optional but makes it!)


1. Put a small amount of water into a pan and heat up. This will melt the chocolate to melt our goodies (yay!)

2. Break up 600g of milk choc and cut up the mars bars into small meltable pieces. Place into a bowl (preferably metal as it's easier to melt).

3. Add 50g of butter and 5 tbsp of golden syrup into the chocolate/mars bar bowl.

4. Place bowl on heat and stirrrrrrrrrr.

5. Once melted take off the heat and stir in the popping candy. Be careful not to stir in the candy too fast, I did start to hear some pop noises. Also this is super fab as it makes the chocolate look multicoloured!

6. Add rice Krispies.

7. Place mix into square tin and press down ready to chill. Repeat melting process with 300g of milk choc. This will create the topping.

8. Tip tasty melted choc onto the top.

9. Chill in fridge for at least half an hour.

10. Time to decorate! Melt the white choc and then split into two bowls (I actually used cups as it makes life easier). Add chosen food colouring to both parts and mix. I highly recommend the gel food colourings sold in lakeland, unreal! Such great colour!! Once looking good, use a spoon to flick choc onto top of cake to make it look fiery. Top with super cute sparkles and chill again.

11. Once left for an appropriate amount of time (normally leave overnight) you are good to go! I hope your cakes are as snap, crackle and pop as mine! Can't wait to eat it in front of the fire on Saturday!

Happy cooking!

B x

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